Virtual Style Party

It’s time for a girlie night in with a difference! Style parties are a fun, relaxed and fashion focussed way to spend time with your friends, especially during lockdown! Perhaps a friend’s birthday celebrations had to be cancelled or you didn’t get to go away for that girl’s weekend – a virtual style party is the perfect way to all get back together!


Step 1.  What is your style personality?


Have you ever wondered why you select the style of clothes you do? It’s all to do with your style personality. Prior to your virtual style party we will send party guests a style personality questionnaire to complete. We will identify your true fashion likes and dislikes using our unique questionnaire.  

Step 2.  Your colours

We have all got colours that flatter us more than others. When you wear the right colours you’ll notice the colour of your eyes stand out and your complexion glow. Prior to your style party we will ask each attendee to send us a head and shoulders shot so we can identify their dominant colours. We will then discuss the colours that will most suit each attendee. We will also email you a photo of the colours that will most suit you.

Step 3.  Make up


We will suggest make up shades that will be most flattering to each colouring, focussing on lipstick and eye make-up colours that best suit you. 

Step 4.  Discover your body shape, scale and proportions

Prior to your style party we will send each attendee a guide to enable them to identify their own body shape.  During this stage of the party we will discuss the range of body shapes.  Understanding your body shape will enable you to find the perfect fit and style of clothes to highlight all the bits you love and disguise the bits you don’t. 

Step 5.  Accessories

Sometimes simply adding a scarf or a belt can really transform an outfit. We will run through the accessories and fabrics that will be right for different body shapes and proportions. 

£30 pp  4-6 people

Discover your style personality

Discover the colours that suit you best

Understand your body shape

"I recently went to a styled party - it was so much fun!

I found out so much about myself and my style that I never knew in one session.  


Felicity and Annabel were so good and gave tips that will definitely make me think about how I wear my wardrobe now and for years to come. Thank you Styled!"

Roslyn Hancock