"I recently went to a styled party - it was so much fun! I found out so much about myself and my style that I never knew in one session.   Felicity and Annabel were so good and gave tips that will definitely make me think about how I wear my wardrobe now and for years to come. Thank you Styled!"  - Roslyn Hancock


"I recently had a mini styled experience with the fantastic Flick & Annabelle. I was made to feel really welcome immediately and learnt so much in the session. I would recommend this to all ladies out there, regardless of age. I can't wait to shop for 'my colours and styles'.

Thank you Styled Plymouth." - Nicki Schneider


 "I decided to treat myself to a consultation with Styled because I felt like I had fallen into a bit of a rut, wearing clothes which suited me but were quite similar, a lot of the time. I wanted someone to suggest some new modern styles for me and also to tell me which colours suit me.

Annabel was really warm and friendly when she came to my flat, which put me at ease. She had asked me some questions about my style in advance and we talked about this. Annabel did my colours for me and also took some measurements!

A few days later Annabel emailed me with a link to a Pinterest board just for me (this had pictures and linked to the right websites to buy the clothes), her email explained why she had chosen those items for me and how I might like to wear them.

I really love my Styled recommendations and have bought some key pieces which I am really enjoying wearing. Annabel definitely listened to what I was looking for, including my budget. I don’t feel as though I am in a style rut anymore! Wearing different styles and colours has really boosted my confidence and I other people have noticed my new clothes and complimented me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Styled!" - Jean Almond

"Wonderful individual style consultation with Felicity. I came away knowing more about my style, shape and the colours that look great on me, which has helped me be more focussed when I shop. Great affordable service that I'd recommend.  - Sue Cobbledick

"The style consultation that I had with Annabel was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience indeed!   She helped me understand what what colours and styles are most suitable for my skin colour and body type.  I was really impressed with the style notes I received following my consultation, I also was given a link to a personalised Pinterest board that had links to items of clothing that would be flattering for me. I'm excited to try some of the new styles and colours she has suggested. I was also introduced to a fabulous new shade of lipstick that I would never have tried before.  I now feel far more confident about what clothes will and won't suit me. I can definitely recommend a style service for anyone that needs a style refresh or is struggling when it comes to knowing to what to wear."  - Gemma Stevens

"I loved my styled consultation! I was definitely in a style rut when it came to my wardrobe, I was in the habit of buying lots of white t-shirts, navy tops and jeans. It was so interesting seeing my colour palette and the range of colours that suit me. I'll definitely be purchasing more green and purple from now on! Its also really interesting to understand how different style, shapes and cuts can highlight your best bits."  - 

Tori Land

"I really enjoyed my style consultation - it really did help me to have more confidence in the clothes that I wear. It covered so many things such as the colours that are most flattering for me, I learnt about my body shape and what styles and shapes of clothing work best for me. The lipsticks are fab too!  It has really changed the way that I shop (for the better)."   - Laura Hughs