Full Style Consultation

Step 1.  What is your style personality?


Have you ever wondered why you select the style of clothes you do? It’s all to do with your style personality. We will identify your true fashion likes and dislikes using our unique questionnaire. This will ensure we select the style of clothes you’ll love.   

Step 2.  Your colours

We have all got colours that flatter us more than others. When you wear the right colours you’ll notice the colour of your eyes stand out and your complexion glow. During the colour analysis we will identify your perfect colour palette. 

Step 3.  Make up


We will work with you to find the makeup shades that are perfect for your colouring, including finding that one lipstick that will become your new BFF!     

Step 4.  Discover your body shape, scale and proportions

This step allows us to discover your true body shape.  Understanding your body shape will enable us to find the perfect fit and style of clothes to highlight all the bits you love and disguise the bits you don’t. 

Step 5.  Let us see your clothes!

We will offer advice on pieces from your current wardrobe. There may be something in there you’ve bought but you don’t feel comfortable wearing. Maybe it’s not in your style personality or the right cut for your proportions – we’ll let you know! 

Step 6.  Accessories and fabrics


Sometimes simply adding a scarf or a belt can really transform an outfit. We will run through the accessories that will be right for your body shape, proportions and style personality. We will also look at the best fabrics for your body shape and proportions.    

Step 7.  Personal style notes and Pinterest board

We don’t expect you to have taken in all the tips and techniques we’ve discussed during our session. This step is for us! After your consultation we will send you your own personal Style report and create you a Pinterest board.  The board will include links to up to 20 items of clothing based on everything we have discussed throughout the session.


That's it!  All in just 90 minutes for only £120.

90 minutes  |  £120

90 minute face-to-face consultation

Personalised 'style report'

Pinterest board - created just for you