Personal Shopping

Would you love to open your wardrobe and easily be able to see multiple outfit combinations suitable for any occasion? Our personal shopping service is perfect for women that want to stop wasting money on clothes they never wear and instead have a wardrobe they can easily manage.


Step 1.  Your shopping list


Prior to meeting we will liaise with you to ensure we understand your life style, your requirements and your budget to ensure we know exactly what to buy.

Step 2.  What is your style personality?

Prior to meeting we will ask you to complete a style personality questionnaire. This will enable us to determine what style of clothes you are naturally drawn to. 

Step 3.  Your colours

We have all got colours that flatter us more than others. When you wear the right colours you’ll notice the colour of your eyes stand out and your complexion glow. Prior to meeting we will ask you to send a head and shoulder shot so we can determine your dominant colour. This will give us a full range of colours that will flatter you most.      

Step 4.  Style advice

We will discuss current trends and how to include them into your wardrobe. We will also discuss accessories and how to wear them. 

Step 5.  Let's shop!

We will meet at a place that is convenient to you and work exclusively to your brief. We will know precisely where to locate every item on your list to ensure the shopping trip stays as relaxed and fun as possible, taking the stress away completely.

We do recommend that you book a style consultation first, although not necessary, as this will give us a far more in depth look in to your style personality, dominant colour and body shape and proportions. 

Min 2 hours

£50 per hour

Save time and money by shopping smartly

Discover the styles that really work for you

A shopping experience tailored to you